Lodwar, 9th July 2024 (Public Communication and Media Relations)

The tourism sector in Turkana County has received a significant boost following the rollout of a training program by the Tourism Fund aimed at upskilling hospitality workers across the county.

This initiative, jointly undertaken with the state Department of Technical and Vocational Training (TVET), seeks to enhance service delivery and certify staff under the Recognition for Prior Learning Program (RPLP).

During a visit to the office of the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Tourism, Culture, Natural Resources, and Climate Change, Audan Leah Lokaala, head of the Tourism Fund delegation Maureen Chacha, announced that Turkana was the first beneficiary of the program in the Republic.

Chacha, the Fund’s regional manager, highlighted that the program is being offered at no cost to participants, aiming to elevate service standards in the vital tourism sector.

“We are proud that Turkana has hosted us at the Lodwar Youth Polytechnic (LOYOPO), and the trainees have turned up in large numbers from all the target hotels in the county,” Chacha stated.

CECM Audan Leah Lokaala expressed enthusiasm about the training, noting its timely alignment with preparations for the county’s annual tourism and cultural festival scheduled for August.

“We are confident that our visitors’ experience this year will be enriched,” CECM Lokaala said.

She further emphasized the potential enhancement of Turkana’s tourism sector with more qualified staff.

“As a county, we appreciate the move; the partnership can even be extended beyond capacity building to marketing our tourist attractions, archaeological richness, and cultural treasures,” CECM Lokaala added.

Present at the event included Chief Officer for Tourism and Culture Cecilia Majuma, Director for Tourism Abdulrahman Lomuria, Assistant Manager Loyopo Angeline Logiron, and Nahashon Kahiga of the Tourism Fund.

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