Lokichar – 9th July 2024 (Public Communication and Media Relations)

Twenty-five community animal disease reporters (CDRs) have completed training on the use of modern technology in animal disease surveillance systems.

The CDRs, drawn from Turkana Central, Loima, Turkana South, Aroo, Turkana East, Suguta, and Lokiriama sub-counties, have also been issued with smartphones to assist in the early detection of animal diseases through an e-surveillance system and Kenya Animal Bio-surveillance system.

The training which was facilitated by Agricultural Sector Development Support Program (ASDSP) is integral in the journey towards food security through improved Animal Health and productivity.

County Executive for Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries, Dr Anthony Apalia, lauded the CDRs for taking up the training which he said will boost animal health care for improved production.

“This CDR training is expected to contribute to the development of livestock production, aligning with the Governor’s food security initiatives and ensuring low malnutrition in the County,” he said.

The County Executive also revealed that additional funds have been set aside in the coming year for livestock restocking.

This, he said, is a commitment by the Governor to achieve his agenda of food security through improved livelihoods of the pastoralists.

Chief Officer for Livestock Development Dr Ezekiel Etelej said that CDRs will help pastoralists benefit from enhanced disease surveillance and improved access to animal healthcare services, particularly in remote areas.

“We have incorporated some funds in our budget and going forward, CDRs will get a Monthly stipend for the work they are doing,” added CCO Etelej.

ASDP Coordinator Boniface Okita said that the program will continue to support the County Government for it is critical to train more CDRs to increase e-surveillance reporting coverage that informs early detection of livestock diseases for early response.

So far, a total of 640 CDRs have been trained against a target of 1,500 CDRs by 2027.

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