Road and Air Transport

Turkana County is located in the North Western part of Kenya. The county is accessible by both road transport, using the A1 Road that connects urban centers between Kitale town to the Kenya-South Sudan border (Nadapal), as well as air transport with daily scheduled flights operating between Nairobi and the airports in Lokichoggio and Lodwar.

The fastest and most comfortable way to travel right into Turkana Land is to take a scheduled flight from either Nairobi or Eldoret to Lodwar, the capital in the centre of the County, or Lokichar-Kapese further to the South. Currently, the only airline serving Turkana County is Skyward Express with round-trip fares ranging between $300 to $500

Visitors travelling to Turkana by road are advised to come with 4WD vehicles to effectively navigate the county’s mostly sandy road network and avoid getting stuck in mud pans caused by flash floods during the rainy season. 4WD vehicles are available for hire with charges ranging between $200 and $400 per day through various private operators who offer both chauffeured as well as self-drive options

Where to Stay


Travellers visiting Turkana County have the option of two-star or three-star accommodation in hotels located mostly within major towns and urban centers like Lodwar and Lokichogio. Travellers visiting remote areas such as Kapedo, Lokichar, Katilu or Nariokotome have access to camping sites, simple local lodgings, or basic guest house accommodation offered by church missions and humanitarian organizations with rates ranging between $20 and $300 per night

Emergency & Medical Info

Emergency and Medical Information

Visitors travelling to Kenya are advised to take malaria precautions and be fully vaccinated against yellow fever and COVID-19. To prevent waterborne diseases such as cholera, visitors are also advised to drink bottled water and avoid tap water.

In case of a medical emergency, visitors are advised to have the contact information of air ambulance operators who can provide airlifting services from remote areas in Turkana County to healthcare facilities located in Eldoret or Nairobi.

Security Information

Security Information for Travellers Visiting Turkana

Visitors travelling to Turkana County are advised to:

  • Inform in-country embassies and consulates of their intended destination and travel date

  • Monitor local media for breaking events, travel advisories, and be prepared to make contingency plans to leave the country in the event of an emergency

  • Stay alert and always carry a copy of their passport and visa (if applicable) while keeping the original documents in a secure location.