By Road 

Nairobi – Eldoret – Kitale – Lodwar

Covering a distance of 640 Kilometres an all tarmac Road


By Air

Only one domestic airline that has daily flights to Lodwar is Skyward Express

You can book for yourself

or use any travel agent


On arrival at the airport…

Download the taxi APP Nawi Rides

Grab any cab or boda boda at the airport

Or hire a vehicle from



Turkana County’s overall security has remained relatively moderate with some safety and security issues, demanding advised movement in several parts of the county. Kapedo (in the East) and Kibish (in the North) are high risk areas thus calling for proper briefing to all visitors intending to visit any of these destinations.

Visiting Lodwar also requires formal briefing, but it is a low crime town. However, visitors advised to refrain from walking late night alone and to always be vigilant regarding your personal security and preparedness.



You need not be cooped up in your hotel while Lodwar, it’s a town with a big heart; its people are friendly and things to do are spectacular. So reset your mood back to happy; if you had a tough day.


Be a night dancing owl
Looking for a place to grab a drink while dancing the night away to great music by experienced local DJs then Icon Lounge, Cherinas, and Marble Club should be the place to be.
Sometimes the club owners invite local and international artists and DJs to perform and this gives the club’s attendants something new to look forward to.


Cool your body temp!
One of the best activities in this hot temperature of Lodwar is dipping oneself in a mass body of cool water; swimming pools at Stegra Hotel and The Cradle Camp, Chambers and The TurkReef Hotels
Lounging by the poolside with a cool drink or a hearty meal prepared in the hotels’ kitchen after a cooling swim is always relaxing.


Go up to look down
Like the Christ the Redeemer statue that overlooks the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a hike to Lodwar’s look-like statue and for the best panoramic view of the town and River Turkwel meandering towards Lake Turkana to empty its waters.