You need not be cooped up in your hotel while Lodwar, it’s a town with a big heart; its people are friendly and things to do are spectacular. So reset your mood back to happy; if you had a tough day.

Be a night dancing owl
Looking for a place to grab a drink while dancing the night away to great music by experienced local DJs then Icon Lounge, Cherinas Homes, and Marble Club should be the place to be.
Sometimes the club owners invite local and international artists and DJs to perform and this gives the club’s attendants something new to look forward to.


Cool your body temp!
One of the best activities in this hot temperature of Lodwar is dipping oneself in a mass body of cool water; swimming pools at Stegra Hotel and The Cradle Camp, Chambers, Cherinas Home  and The TurkReef Hotels
Lounging by the poolside with a cool drink or a hearty meal prepared in the hotels’ kitchen after a cooling swim is always relaxing.


Go up to look down
Like the Christ the Redeemer statue that overlooks the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a hike to Lodwar’s look-like statue and for the best panoramic view of the town and River Turkwel meandering towards Lake Turkana to empty its waters.


List of Lodwar town hotels

St. Teresa Pastoral Centre 0722487660
Pension Restaurant 0719338880
Glorius Lodge 0721916642
Garden Guest House 0721916642
Greenleaf Resort Club 0742739335
Ashanzi Guest House 0703787443/0722160270/0701337393
Amiyo Silent Lodge 0727104993/704674615
Lodwar Lodge 0725976648
Lodwar Choma Zone Hotel 0720171650
Africana Guest House 0708171551/0728691930
Kilimanjaro Guest House 0714002600/0729230070
Young Star Guest House 0704123025
Suburb Lodge 0702508258
Midwest Hotel 0700930050
Bethany Guest House 0700063687
Kristine Camp 0714465025
Eliye Springs Resort Lodge 0700003546
Napak Tented Camp 0713150640
Sanfields Lodwar Camp 0724378362
Turkwel Lodge 0721852167
County Palace 0741221632
Publican Poa Places 0710888240
Turkana Women Conference Center 0704911947
Dilun Guest House 0719623239
Eliye Springs Bahamas Campsite 0729991578
Lotelej Guest House 0726380714
The Great Rift Hotel 0719767124/0711712631
Tortoise Camp 0721634328
Marina Lodge 0713238695
Rudolf Regency 0110444888
Stegra 0720275549
Fimbo Camp 0713585061
Ceamo Prestige Lodge 0721555565/0718999703
The Cradle 0722870214
Oasis 0728165495
Sylon Regency 0705887792/0799357659
Solmar Hotel- Lodwar 0715737283
Castello Guest House 0727875512
Milestone Hotel 0724096567
Collimo Guest House 0757127924
Ateker Hotel 0708607172
Acacia Residential 0748005500
The Opal Apartment 0768794193
Cherinas Homes 0705657530

List of Kakuma town hotels

List of Lokichar hotels
Kristine Camp 0714465025
Eliye Springs Resort Lodge 0700003546
Napak Tented Camp 0713150640
Tortoise Camp 0721634328
List of Eliye Springs hotels
Midland 0714394631
Pacha Annex 0710748406
Saloinkan Guest House 07174480460
Stevelyn 0729291774
Kakuma Guest House 0706494621
Mogila Guest House 0720911926
Naperebei Guest House 0714801242
Another Chance Guest 0729638414
Winas Lodge 0716845811
Ekisil Investments 0718557768
Sandiego Restaurant 0726294823
Kaariwo Restaurant 0719611293
Turkana South Enterprises 0711761370
The Wales Bistro 0714672488
Rcea Guest House 0705425379ne
Club Liquid Restaurant 0704218519
Zebra Guest House 0713991801
Sums Club 0708471827
The Black Gold Hotel 0724916980/0797409959
Riamakori 0718215825